The aim of the project to realize complexes of support measures to reduction of social exclusion for youth and families with children, promoting their integration into society and fostering prosperity.

The target group of the project – children, who have a risk to social exclusion (45), youth (24), parents of children (28), members of society (10).

The place of the project implementation – Preili county and Riebini county.

Planned result of the project – established new support measures for youth and families with children, thereby improving their quality of life.

The main activities of the project: support measures for families with children (developing activities;  creative workshops; environmental explorative camp; trainning course “The child’s emotional education”; lectures “Be knowledgeable and help grow a healthy children!”;

support measures for youth (support group; lectures “I am in the world, the world is in me”, where in cooperation with several experts will boost the preventive work with youth; art therapy sessions;  creative workshops; studies of programme “ Corel Draw”);

the managment of the project;

project information and publicity activities;

capacity building activities.